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TC 3-22.20 Physical Readiness Training

Pictures and listings of the exercises in TC 3-22.30
Training Circular 3-22.20 is the Army's new manual use to conduct Physical Training. This application shows all of the exercises and has videos to accompany many of them. It also shows workout recommendations based on the new standards in the training circular to allow a unit leader to plan PT for the unit.

This one came about in an interesting way. A General was at a meeting and made a comment about how much he would like to see this new training circular put into an app. Word got back to us, so we did it. When the General came to visit our post, we scrambled to get a decent product to show him - and the result was very good. We wanted to take a stab at what we though the next generation of Field Manuals and Training Circulars could look like, and parts of this app give some areas to discuss as we move forward. There is a lot of complex computing language that went into the workouts -- unfortunately, that will probably get lost because it has videos (and people like the videos).

iPhone (TC 3-22.20 Physical Readiness Training)

  Date Released on iPhone: 7/29/2010
iPhone Downloads: 62894

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Individual Exercise

Video Screen

Workout Chart