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BAH Query

BAH Query App lets users look up their rates for Basic Allowance for Housing
This Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Query App allows you to search for the amount of money you can make based on your rank and zip code, using Department of Defense (DoD) rates for Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines - Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. It allows you to toggle between the different years to see how much the rates have changed over the years.

This app came about as part of a promotion. I came out on the O5 list and was curious how much my BAH would rise when I got promoted. Went to the official website and looked it up, but decided this would be a good app to create (and it's not the BAH Handbook, which also makes it appealing).

iPhone (BAH Query)

  Date Released on iPhone: 8/6/2010
iPhone Downloads: 13910

Screenshots for BAH Query on iPhone

Start Screen

Enter Zip Code
Apparently that custom done button is hard to do

Select Rank

Return the results based on zip code


Android (BAH Query)

  Date Released on Android: 5/23/2011
Android Downloads: 5455

Screenshots for BAH Query on Android

Enter Zip Code

Return Rate based on Zip