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Rights Warning Card (GTA 19-6-6)

GTA 19-6-6, Rights Warning Card, now a handy app for US Army Leaders & Soldiers.
This application is the modern digital incarnation of the United States Army Graphic Training Aid 19-6-6, "How to Inform Suspect/Accused Persons of their Rights".

In the past, leaders and Soldiers of all ranks have carried this card in their wallets or leader's books. Now, as an app, it serves the same purpose.

When I first started considering what sort of apps we could make, I found an app on the app store that I really liked. It was just a few screens, had good information - but wasn't too much. If you needed what that app could do, it was easy to use and to get on with the task at hand. I started referring to that app as a sort of digital GTA (Graphic Training Aid). So, I wanted to look at the GTAs we already have in the military to see which of them could (and should) be apps. The Rights Warning Card is perfect. I carried one of these in my pocket for a number of years and had to use it a few times. It's simple and right to the point.

iPhone (Rights Warning Card (GTA 19-6-6))

  Date Released on iPhone: 8/2/2010
iPhone Downloads: 14500

Screenshots for Rights Warning Card (GTA 19-6-6) on iPhone


Verbal Rights Warming

Rights Warning Procedure



Android (Rights Warning Card (GTA 19-6-6))

  Date Released on Android: 7/10/2010
Android Downloads: 13737

Screenshots for Rights Warning Card (GTA 19-6-6) on Android


Verbal Rights Warning