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Army Awards

This app allows Soldiers to create their ribbon rack and store on the phone.
United States Army Awards puts your awards in order for wear on the Army Service Uniform (Class A or B) and shows the placement of authorized devices for each ribbon. Great app for Soldiers and leaders. Simply put in an awardee name, save it, and start adding your awards and devices. Rotate to landscape to view awards in a ribbon rack. Product Features: - search for an award by name or an acronym (ie. ARCOM for Army Commendation Medal). - separates awards by individual and unit awards and places them in order for each category. - adding an additional award will add either an Oak Leaf Cluster, Service Star, Clasp, or Numeral as appropriate for the award. - will present any special devices such as "V", "M", or Arrowhead devices if authorized for the award. - rotate to landscape to see the ribbons mounted in a ribbon rack. Swipe left or right to see unit or individual award ribbon racks. - includes awards for all US armed services and selected civilian awards as authorized for wear on the US Army Service Uniform. Automatically places them in order as directed by Army Regulations 670-1 and 600-8-22. - search the Military Time Hall of Valor for Valor award recipients. - read about award descriptions and criteria Requirements - iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 5.0 or later - Internet connection is required to download images of more Army Apps

iPhone (Army Awards)

  Date Released on iPhone: 10/24/2011
iPhone Downloads: 22166

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