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Signal Lieutenant Handbook

A guide for Army Signal Corps platoon leaders, executive officers and S-6's.
This handbook provides a quick reference and study for Signal Second Lieutenants, First Lieutenants and anyone interested in the Signal Corps Officer profession (including Army ROTC Soldiers and West Point Cadets).

With info on what to expect as a platoon leader, executive officer and S6, this handbook is packed with info.

After we did the PRT app, the team was approached and asked if we could take the upcoming Signal Lieutenant Handbook and put it into an app. Our first attempt was a real rush job to show it could be done - but we didn't have a great product. At first, we tried to just convert the chapters to PDF - which produced an interesting result that I used as an example of one of the problems with apps (phones don't make great PDF readers). So, we sort of shelved it where it was. After doing the Bluebook in HTML, I decided to go back and apply the same treatment to the LT Handbook. I really didn't enjoy converting the document to 200 HTML pages (ugh!), but got it done and put it up on the Android Market

iPhone (Signal Lieutenant Handbook)

  Date Released on iPhone: 7/13/2010
iPhone Downloads: 6137

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Android (Signal Lieutenant Handbook)

  Date Released on Android: 7/4/2010
Android Downloads: 6260

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