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Router Training Guide

This quick reference guide is designed to help students learn router commands.
This app was designed for United States Army Soldier students at Fort Gordon Georgia to provide a quick reference for router commands to assist with the instruction at the Functional Area 53 course, the Signal Captains' Career Course, the 251/254 (255) Warrant Officer Courses, as well as the courses at the Regimental NCO academy.

The app has basic router commands, show commands, password commands, copy commands, logging commands, information on dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP), simple network management protocol (SNMP), open shortest path first (OSPF), border gateway protocol (BGP), next hop resolution protocol (NHRP), network time protocol (NTP), and IPSec. It also offers tips on Command Line Interface navigation, router modes of operation, interfaces, and CISCO IOS Commands.

Developed by the Mobile Apps Branch, with the primary work being done by CPT Brandon Ulasiewicz and CPT Stephanie Stuck.

iPhone (Router Training Guide)

  Date Released on iPhone: 10/31/2011
iPhone Downloads: 7219

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Table of Contents


Password Commands

Ethernet Interface


Android (Router Training Guide)

  Date Released on Android: 10/1/2011
Android Downloads: 52064

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Router Command List

Commands and Description

Command Line Interface Assistance

Common Error Messages