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Quote a Day

Select quotes from leaders and writers throughout history and placed on Army dog tags
Taking from famous quotes from military and other leaders and writers throughout history, this app provides a sliding dog tag that provides a different quote every day. The smooth transition will allow you to easily move from one to another and find quotes that might inspire people to improve your leadership qualities.

With quotes from George Patton, Napoleon, Rommel, Dwight Eisenhower and other Soldier leaders throughout history, this app has a lot of great inspiration to draw from. Additionally authors like Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Shakespeare, Henry David Thoreau and others provide meaningful thoughts that can provide motivation.

So, this app was really just created on a whim. I sort of had an idea that I wanted to do a quote a day, or a thought a day, app, then one day I read a quote in an article, and was trying to figure out where I heard it, and Google pointed me to Emerson. It turned out that I couldn't find that quote anywhere in Emerson (but found it in an Aerosmith song, which is actually where I heard it). But, while I was looking at quotes, I decided to make a collection of quotes and then see if we could get the app done. Then I designed the dog tag in Photoshop and talked Reid into making a clever animation. I do apologize about the sound in version 1 (I actually recorded the sound of a dog tag running quickly over the chain ... and when you know what it is, I guess it makes sense, but if you don't know what it is, it is pretty annoying).

And like other things, I really like some of the graphical details, including the green background that I did, plus the stamping of the names on the cover and about screens (and the way the chain stays pretty consistent (except you'll notice the shadow changes when you scroll). Also, sort of hidden, is the fact that you can press the date and it will go back to today. Finally, I don't tell people to swipe up and down -- and wonder how many think that the quote is all they get? Hopefully they will explore.

Can you guess what the Emerson/Aerosmith quote was? Feel free to Google it (or email me).

iPhone (Quote a Day)

  Date Released on iPhone: 9/16/2011
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