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Suicide Prevention Information

  Army's Quick Reference for Suicide Awareness and Prevention Application.
This app contains multiple references used by the United States Army to help Soldiers and their leaders understand suicide warning signs, and provide some information they can use to assist them in preventing suicides.

It includes the ACE card, which helps Soldiers understand to Ask their buddy, Care for their buddy and Escort their buddy if they recognize signs of suicide.

Additionally, it contains Graphic Training Aid 12-01-001, which lists 12 common warning signs of suicide.

In addition to having links to other resources on the Internet to assist, the app has a place for Soldier's to put in some key phone numbers that they might need in case they require assistance.

Android (Suicide Prevention Information)

  Date Released on Android: 9/9/2011
Android Downloads: 2849

Screenshots for Suicide Prevention Information on Android


Main Screen

ACE Card

GTA 12-02-001

Saving your chain of command