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After Action Reviews

Instructions and video examples for executing a quality after action review.
This app contains instructions and video examples for executing a quality after action review.

Gives steps for conducting an AAR: Provide Purpose and Rules Review Action, Conditions and Standards Review Commander's Intent Review OPFOR Commander's Intent Summarize Recent Events Discuss Key Issues Discuss Safety Issues Summarize AAR

It includes copies of TC 25-20 and FM 7-1.

Also includes 5 video vignettes that discuss proper techniques for executing an Army After Action Review.

By the time we got around to doing this app, we really didn't want to do any more "page turners". So, we asked for video with a little bit of text augmenting it. I think this one came out real well (though on the Android version, we ran into the 50 MB video limit inside of an app so those videos are more compressed than I would like). The iPhone version also has something interesting - but more interesting in the fact that it hasn't really gotten any comments. We added the PDF -- but the way we display the PDF is very poor. We put it in there almost as a throwaway (and it really looks like that if you are critical about it). But if you go to it, you can scroll and zoom in, but if you leave the PDF and come back, you start back at the beginning (and there is no real good way to jump to a page). I went ahead and allowed it like that - suggesting that the PDF reader wouldn't be used and we wouldn't get comments on it, and so far I was correct. Still, we want a better way to easily add the PDF, jsut in case someone wants the original file to look through.

And, for what it's worth, the icon in this one was made using the reflection in PowerPoint 2010, which I really like using. I know I can make one in Photoshop, but it was just simpler to do it in PowerPoint and then make a screenshot of that for the iTunesArtwork and icon.

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Android (After Action Reviews)

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