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GTA 07-08-003 PRT Quick Reference Card

GTA 07-08-003 is the Army's PRT Quick Reference Card supporting TC 3-22.20.
GTA 07-08-003 (April 2010) is the Army's Physical Readiness Training Quick Reference Card that supports TC 3-22.20.

In the same spirit of the Rights Warning Card, we have looked for other GTAs to put into Apps. The paper GTA is designed to give the Soldier a quick reference to tell them which exercise sets to do and how many reps of each. In our implementation of the app, it provides the same thing. It will be interesting to see how this is received. It might be overstepping a little bit, because there is really no expectation that people will have their phones out when they are conducting PRT, but it could be used when people are planning or training to give PRT. Also, perhaps it will cause more of the paper copies of the card to get ordered. Finally, this app was submitted and approved for iPhone in less than 2 days -- which is the fastest of the apps. That had nothing to do with the app, just that Apple was closing down for the Christmas holiday and ramped up their approval process.

Additionally, the iPhone version of this app originally got rejected because the icon we made for the app was different from the iTunesArtwork. Essentially, the iTunesArtwork is the image that you put that appears on iTunes, and Apple wants those images to be very similar so that you don't have users download one app and they cannot find it on their phone because the image is different. I liked using the gray jacket as the icon (the original icon was just the V reflective line), so I went and took a picture of my PRT jacket and put it in the iTunesArtwork.

What's interesting about this app is that it is supposed to be a simple card (mirroring the GTA), but a lot of people want it to do a lot more -- particularly on Android. When we did this, essentially it is just screenshots of the iPhone version, sliced up and put into HTML pages ... purely a cheat at an app. We have been hoping to create an app similar to the iPhone PRT app (not the GTA), but haven't gotten around to it, and clearly this app isn't a good enough replacement if you don't know the exercises. Still, it was another project with a purpose, which we have achieved, though at the same time, I believe we also uncovered the fact that people want more and better (and this app is too simple to be good enough).

iPhone (GTA 07-08-003 PRT Quick Reference Card)

  Date Released on iPhone: 12/22/2010
iPhone Downloads: 70275

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List of Activities

Endurance Activity

Checklist - allows for checks to be added when completed

Phases change the listing of the activities


Android (GTA 07-08-003 PRT Quick Reference Card)

  Date Released on Android: 12/20/2010
Android Downloads: 84918

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List of Drills