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Signal Conference

An app for the participants at the Signal Conference
This was an interesting venture - sort of coming out of nowhere from concept to getting it done. After a meeting with our Strategic Communications folks, I offered to do this app -- even though we only had a short amount of time before the conference began. This app allowed us to start to connect to web services and start to look at how we were going to update future apps from within the app (instead of making updates). It has a number of components that I expect to reuse - particularly the social media. Even though it won't receive very many downloads or reviews, it is probably our most important app because of the challenges it made. Additionally, we were sweating the release of the app from Apple's review, just barely getting it accepted in time for the conference.

iPhone (Signal Conference)

  Date Released on iPhone: 11/30/2010
iPhone Downloads: 1754

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Android (Signal Conference)

  Date Released on Android: 11/29/2010
Android Downloads: 1539

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Main Screen

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