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Go For Green

Eat like a Athlete, Train like a Pro, Perform like a Champion! Go Green-Go Army!
This nutrition guide provides Basic Training Soldiers with information to eat more nutritiously.

Eat like an Athlete, Train like a Pro and Perform like a Champion with these High Performance Foods that give premium fuel for the Soldier Athlete.

Go Green. Go Army!

I received an email about this app around noon on the 9th of October, and requested more information. At 2 PM, I received the info and started to write the app. It was on the Android Market 6 hours later. This app also highlighted an interesting problem with Android -- the app worked fine on all Android models except for the Droid -- which handled HTML links a bit differently, causing us to change one of our coding practices.

iPhone (Go For Green)

  Date Released on iPhone: 10/30/2010
iPhone Downloads: 9258

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Initial Screen
This horrible design was my idea I think I was just rushing.

Food List

Helpful tables

Android (Go For Green)

  Date Released on Android: 10/9/2010
Android Downloads: 15871

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Food Lists
This changed in subsequent versions

Category Pages

Helpful hints for eating right