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Mobile Learn Quiz App

A Quiz app developed for the Apps for the Army Contest
This application presents a model for a way that instructors can provide additional material for students to study. Drawn from a small portion of the FA53 curriculum, this app has 11 quizzes that were specifically written for students in the FA53 course, containing challenging questions about a number of the topics covered during the 9 month class.

This was the first app and the most complex code. We figured that if we started with a difficult app that would challenge our limits - but would be something we can add to other apps later on, that would be a great benefit. So with this app, we have a series of quizzes that are in the phones plist file (an XML file) and can eventually take the form of other XML files. I think we will use this module in other apps.

This app is currently not available for download due to a legal issue with the term MobileLearn, which apparently was trademarked. Even though our app was Mobile Learn, and not MobileLearn, we were threatened legal action, so went ahead and removed the app (since it was really only being used for the Apps for the Army challenge anyway). Still, a very interesting story if you want me to tell it.

iPhone (Mobile Learn Quiz App)

  Date Released on iPhone: 7/29/2010
iPhone Downloads: 1579

Screenshots for Mobile Learn Quiz App on iPhone


Quiz List

Quiz Question (they were randomized, as were the answers)

Screen after incorrect answer

When you finished a quiz, it gave score feedback.

Also caused some problems with legalů