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This app was designed to take information and put it in a format similar to CPOF
Again, we took a slightly provocative approach. We wanted to talk about what applications that connect into military systems should look like, and to begin the discussion about what an API can do for a programmer. When this app started, we were going to make up data with common events experienced in deployed zones, but we were worried that (even with the UNCLASSIFIED) banner across the top, someone might think we used real data, so we chose to use data from Normandy, June 6th, 1944.

Another interesting thing about this was that I had a number of people contact me asking how they could get this app to connect to their CPOF, so even though it was clearly set up as a demo app, there were folks in the Army who were eager to get something like this in their units.

iPhone (Sigacts)

  Date Released on iPhone: 7/29/2010
iPhone Downloads: 8575

Screenshots for Sigacts on iPhone


List of SIGACTs

Search Feature

The actual SIGACT, which is mirrored off a CPOF view

Drill down into the map

About Screen