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Army Creeds

This app contains a selection of creeds, song lyrics, and other things that Soldiers might be required to memorize during the course of their training.
This application is designed for United States Army Soldiers, Non-Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, Officers, Civilians, Cadets, and Rangers who want to remember -- or memorize -- the creeds of their respective ranks. Update includes infantry and Special Forces creeds (among others).

The Creeds app, at its core, is a simple app. It lists a number of Army Creeds - or things that Soldiers might want (or need) to memorize. When I first started to think of an app that I could upload to see how the process went, I wanted something that would be useful, but simple. I think this met that goal. Admittedly, the app doesn't do much. One criticism I saw of apps like this said that it could just be a web page, which is partially true. The reason to make this app an app and not just a web page is so that a person who is not connected to the web can have it packaged in one spot. Version 2.0 of this app will have audio files to accompany the creeds, so a person can listen along to help memorize using dual modalities.

The Android app came just two weeks after the iPhone app. This one was different primarily because of how I learned Android. Android handles menus a little differently, so I decided to have the main screen have icon buttons that linked to the creeds and then also have the creeds listed in the menu. This technique became a bit problematic when I added additional creeds for version 1.2 - since I didn't have additional room on the main screen (and didn't want to resize the icons). Still, after 2 months, the Android app had outpaced the iPhone app - reaching 5000 downloads in 75 days.

iPhone (Army Creeds)

  Date Released on iPhone: 4/1/2010
iPhone Downloads: 98147

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Android (Army Creeds)

  Date Released on Android: 4/15/2010
Android Downloads: 102020

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